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- BitcoinZero

The BitcoinZero team is pleased to announce the following update regarding the BitcoinZero Hexx/Bitcoin fork coming up in Q3 2018.

After much deliberation and analysis of the performance of previous forks, the team has concluded that a 1:1 ratio would not sufficiently reflect the value contributed or the significance of the Hexx community to the BitcoinZero project. In order to provide a fair starting point that isn’t completely detached from the Bitcoin legacy, we are changing the ratios for the fork. All Hexx holders will receive 10 BZX per HXX they hold at the snapshot. Bitcoin holders will continue to receive 1 BZX per BTC held at the snapshot. With the estimated circulating supplies, that means that roughly 50% of BZX will be given to BTC and 50% to the HXX community. This makes the approximate circulating supply of BZX just under 34M coins on the MainNet launch assuming all coins are claimed. Any addresses with unclaimed coins after 01/01/2019 will be burned and taken out of circulation forever. This reduces the circulating supply and more accurately portrays the coins available to the overall market.

We feel this new ratio will discourage an initial dump by BTC holders that view forked coins as “Free money”. Using a variable ratio, future forks could fork with coins of varying supplies in an equally fair manner.

Many of you might be thinking, “What about the Xnodes? Will people be getting ten BZnodes for every single Xnode held?” The team has made the decision that owning a node will require 10,000 BZX (1,000 Hexx). With our research and development, we have deemed this amount to be the most accepted by our community members. This is an exciting time to be a member of the Hexx Community family! We hope the community will follow us into the bright future of this project.


Block Reward


Max Supply

- Block Rewards

BitcoinZero will continue to be a hybrid Proof of Work (PoW) and Masternode (BZnode) coin, however the mining algorithm will allow for GPU mining instead of CPU mining. This will open up BitcoinZero to GPU mining rigs and operations further promoting decentralization. Additionally, it has been determined that increasing the block reward to a total of 10 BZX/Block will allow the network to reach a max supply of 42 Million coins within the next four years. This means BZX will award 4 BZX for Node Holders, 4 BZX for GPU miners, and 2 BZX for the governance fund each block.

The team believes by increasing incentives for node holders and miners, the overall project will attract the highest quality community possible. This encourages stakeholders to acquire and hold nodes, provides incentive for existing mining infrastructure around the world to mine BitcoinZero, and expands the team’s ability to secure top notch partnerships and exchanges. This reward structure also provides incentive for fork participates to not sell their BZX upon launch since 10,000 BZX will be required for a BZnode. Fork participates holding 1,000 HXX will receive enough BZX to run a BZnode.


- Fair distribution of BZX

Bitcoin holders aren't holding Bitcoin to get BZX and are more inclined to dump BZX viewing it as "Free Money". Therefore the BitcoinZero team has decided to adjust the forking ratios so that for each Hexx someone holds they get 10 BitcoinZero. Using this new ratio roughly 50% of BitcoinZero will be controlled by Hexx holders and 50% by Bitcoin holders. This makes the distribution more fair for BitcoinZero early adopters and advocates.

- Fast Transactions

BitcoinZero continues to make use of the 2.5 minute block time making transactions faster than Bitcoin


- How do I get my BitcoinZero?

You will receive 10BZX for every 1HXX you hold in the official Hexx wallet or 1BZX for every 1BTC you hold in a Bitcoin wallet you have the private keys for. As exchanges announce support for the fork, we will list them HERE.

//August 2018

- What exchanges will list BZX?

We are currently approaching exchanges and will announce listing as we are allowed by exchanges.

- MasterNodes

A privacy based Bitcoin with MasterNodes (BZnodes). BZnodes will require 10,000 BZX. This means current Hexx holders will receive enough coins for their current xNodes to run a BZnode for BitcoinZero.


- Partnerships & Vendors

The BitcoinZero team understands that real world use case is what really counts. Although getting listed on exchanges and spreading the word about the project will help the project increase it's market value, securing real world partnerships and vendors that will accept BitcoinZero is where the true value of BZX is derived.

- Team

The BitcoinZero team will be announced soon!